Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Nitty Gritty’s Head Simplier*, has a gift for creating inviting spaces. She is well versed in containing the stuff-of-life and by hiring this non-judgemental problem solver you can work quickly to find more ease in your life. Your time together is guaranteed to include quick work and humour. Jada’s analytical skills will help you decide what to keep and what to edit.

Jada grew up in a family of clutter-bugs. At a young impressionable age while sifting through one of her families nine “stuff” drawers, Jada-Gabrielle had a realization that changed her life: There is too much stuff in this drawer. I can’t find the scissors. Her obsessive eye for detail and fondness for cutting paper dolls became her adult version of playing house: Nitty Gritty.

*Simplier (sim’plee’a) n. 1. a skilled worker (practically a super-hero) who swoops in to declutter and makes things simpler.